Ready At All Times


We have an emergency number (01737333448) which accepts telephone calls outside of normal working hours, including Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays. So you can telephone us any time, day or night, if you have an emergency, and you will be able to speak to a member of the monitoring service staff.  They will take details from you about the nature of your problem, your location and your contact details, which they will pass on to our service team immediately.  One of our service engineers will then contact you to deal with your emergency.


To avoid any unnecessary call-outs and charges please tell us, at the start of the contract, the names of your staff from whom you authorise us to accept instructions and call-out requests and who will also provide us with any works order numbers that may be necessary for you to pay any resulting invoices from us.

Our call out response time is 4 hours from receipt of a confirmed call out.

For All Emergencies

A delicate approach is necessary in order to minimize injury during this type of operation. G8 Secure counts on well-trained personnel who are fully equipped with the latest technologies to deal with these kinds of situations while minimizing damage to both properties and humans.